About Me

"Saving an animal, doesn't change the whole world.

But the whole world does change for this animal!"

(author unknown)



My name is Frederike. I was born in the Netherlands on February 23, 1977, under the Western Zodiac sign of Pisces and in the year of the Snake. Animals have always been of tremendous value to me. Because of them, I look differently at the world around us. Every day I am touched by their unconditional love, their loyalty, their support and by their entire 'being', their very way of being.


My dearest treasures - except for my daughter Aurora - are the animals at my side: my dogs Laika, Milan, Chinzo and Chaka, and my cats Timo, Aisha and Shiva. To complete the list, I would also like to mention Chica, Chenza, Mysti(que), Ramira, Nala (Knapperd), Avalon, Onyx, Kathy, Sumo, Isis, Indira, Fellow, Bono, Mira, Jovi and Teddy. These are my animal friends that are no longer physically in this world, but are still a great support to me nevertheless. When I grew up, there were our dogs Tana, Maggy and Puck, our cat Kruimel and our pony Rita (who now is 38 years old and still in good health). They will remain in my heart and thoughts forever.


In the summer of 2004 I followed the course 'Intuitive Animal Communication'. I also followed courses and training in the area of intuitive development, energy therapy (aura & chakra healing, magnetizing and reiki), Bach Flower Therapy, crystal & gemstone therapy and colour therapy. I found that I have a special talent for psychometry and I realized that I am capable of listening very carefully and that during a conversation, I get hunches as to what's 'wrong' or I spontaneously know what the problem is and what the solution will be. At first, this was something I did unconsciously. Now, I know better.


It didn't always go without a struggle and there have been times when I wished that I didn't feel everything around me. Fortunately, I learned how to protect myself and therefore I am able to put this into work at times that I want it to. I am now able to help animals and people, without 'going to the dogs' myself, and that makes all the difference. The feeling that I get when I 'help' someone (animal or human) is indescribable, but it's that feeling that eventually made me decide to start my own practice.


“The angels will watch over her

For she is one of them”.

(me about my daughter Aurora when she was born)


My Animal Friends

Soon, I hope to place more photos of my animal friends and their message for you...