Animal Communication

"Until one has loved an animal,

a part of one's soul remains unawakened"

(Anatole France)



Telepathic or intuitive animal communication with animals is the exchange of information between humans and animals through thoughts, images and feelings. It is a universal language: you exchange energy with an animal and that energy comes in a form that is understandable to you and the animal. Intuitive communication is the language of the heart, the universal language which all forms of consciousness can use to communicate with each other. There are no boundaries. It's just as easy to communicate with an animal nearby as it is to communicate with an animal on the other side of the world. It's also possible to communicate with the spirits of deceased animals. The 'boundary' between our world and the spirit world is not a barrier in any way. 


As children, we see animals as our equals. We speak the same language and we communicate telepathically with each other. As we grow up we are conditioned to suppress the ability. Fortunately, it is possible to recover this 'lost skill'. It is possible to go back to this beautiful and natural form of communicating with each other. 


Animal Communication can be helpful for many common problems, for example behavioral problems, fears, anxieties, illnesses, problems between animals, vacation, relocation, passing over and many more. Also when there seems to be nothing wrong but you still have the feeling that something isn't quite right in some way (because of a difference in behavior or because your animal doesn't seem to feel as good as you would like), I can communicate with your animal to ask what's wrong. I can provide additional support through Bach Flower Therapy and/or Crystal Healing. It's also possible to give a Healing, to make your animal feel better in general. 


What I need to be able to communicate with your animal is his/her name, (estimated) age, gender, a photo or description and the reason why you want a consultation. It isn't necessary to come and visit me with your animal. Intuitive animal communication works perfectly from a distance. Once I have communicated with your animal friend, I will contact you for the telephone review.


Naturally, Animal Communication is not meant to replace a consultation or treatment by a veterinarian.