Energy Therapy | Aura & Chakra Healing

"Miracles are not contrary to nature,

but only contrary to what we know about nature". 

(St. Augustine)


Every human being (and every animal) has an an energy field or energy body surrounding the fysical body; this is the aura. Every living being also has chakras. These are the energy centres within our body; they pick up energy from the energy body en distribute this energy over the fysical body. Through external influences we can get out of balance, with disharmony and (eventually) illness as a result of this imbalance. The purpose of aura & chakra healing is to locate blocks and disharmony, to analyse this and to treat this.


During a healing consultation I clean the aura and restore the balance in the chakra's. The contact with the earth and the universal energy is restored and the energy can flow freely througout the body again. For this I use the cosmic energy that I pass on through my hands. If necessary, I use Bach Flower Therapy and Crystal Healing as support to restore the balance in the aura and chakras. By passing on the cosmic energy, the self-healing ability of the body is being stimulated and the complaints are thus reduced or remedied in a natural way. 


A healing may very well help to remedy back, neck & shoulder pain, joint pain, overburdening & injuries, stress related complaints (for example tension headache, insomnia, muscle cramps), various disorders (such as anxiety disorders, eating disorders), depressive symptoms, to stimulate recovery from illness or after surgery, and so on. It can be used for any type of imbalance and pain, both physically and mentally. Aura & chakra healing can be used for humans as well as for animals, regardless of age (it's also very suitable for young children and babies, as well as for young animals). A healing can be combined perfectly with Bach Flower Therapy and Crystal Healing, because these forms of natural medicine reinforce each other's natural healing effect.


Naturally, Aura & Chakra Healing is not meant to replace a consultation or treatment by a family doctor or specialist.