Aura & Chakra Reading

"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection". 



During an Aura & Chakra Reading, I read your energy field. Everything you have experienced, in this life as well as in previous lives, is contained in your energy field. All your thoughts, experiences, patterns and blocks; it is all a elementary part of who you are (or have become).


Through Aura & Chakra Reading you can get more insight in yourself, a better understanding of yourself, but it's more than that. It shows where blocks are present in your body and why they are there. Also, the development of your soul and your life path can be reveiled, as well as insight in previous lives and the effect of this in your present life. Through Aura & Chakra Reading you can discover why you are the person that you are and where your grow potential lies. You can get a profound insight in the unique and grand person that you are and because of this, you become more aware of your unique inner strengh.