Card Reading

"We shake the cards, but fate draws them."


A card reading is a wonderful way to gain more insight. Through a card reading I can determine the patterns of which you can almost be sure that you will encounter them on your path. It provides a profound insight into the things you can do to help yourself and to prevent or ease difficult times and problems. 


One of the most interesting readings - I think - is the reading of the yearly forecast. This is a powerful card reading with which you get a month-to-month overview of the year ahead. For this I use my animal tarot cards. Each month has its own unique energies and for every month I lay a card. The animal in a given month most probably reflects the energy that will be active during that time in your life. This can give you insight into actions that will be more or less succesful to undertake during that time in your life. This interpretation has amazingly accurate predictions and may provide significant, specific dates and time frames.


Of course, there are several readings possible and we can determine that together, depending on the questions that you have.