Telephone Consultation

"Your inner silence is the voice of your soul." 



Nobody knows you better than you do. Logical, since you are living with yourself for quite some time now and I'm not only talking about this life. However, you may experience a feeling like you have somehow 'lost yourself'. In these times it is beneficial to reconnect with your true self, to experience your unique inner strenghth (again).


Whether for advice, guidance, suppport or taking away doubts you might have, especially regarding yourself. Or for assistance in taking a decision, for directions in your life, insights into your situation or more control over your own life. You can call me and I will do my very best to guide you on your way and I will do so with love. To support you in your spiritual and intuitive development and personal growth. With the intention of letting you know that we are all perfect in our imperfection and that we may learn of everything that comes our way.


For a telephone consultation, it is best to make an appointment. For this, you can send me an email.