What our pets can teach us

(by Ted Andrews)


1. Past Life Connections.
Animals return, as humans do, to learn and to grow. Often they will incarnate with humans that they have been closely connected to in the past. Sometimes an animal that has served as a totem may return as a pet. Where the pet originated also often reflects locales of our past lives, the lessons of which are playing out currently in the present. 

2. Behaviors we need to express.
When we notice a behavior of one of our pets it is something to pay attention to. They will often demonstrate behaviors that reflect our own or are ones we need to express more fully. When mine pressure me to play, it is often an indication I am working too much. 

3. Skills in accomplishing tasks.
Pets have their own unique qualities and characteristics. They have skills that they can teach us. Cats know about everything that goes on in their environment and can teach us how to notice things as well. They remind us of skills we need to incorporate as a regular part of our life

4. How to bond and love more unconditionally.
Animals love unconditionally. Regardless of the day they have had, they greet us, run to meet us, meow and bark at us. Even if we are out of the home for an hour, when we return we are greeted as if it has been days.


5. How to communicate with animals more clearly.
As we learn to communicate with our pets, we are learning how to communicate with other animals as well. We learn to use and to read body language. We learn to project thoughts and exchange thoughts with our pets. We begin to read the subtleties, emotions and projections of our pets. This can be applied to wildlife as well.


6. How to recognize the presence of spirits.
Pets and animals of all kinds are often much more sensitive to the presence of spirits. They recognize subtle energies at play within their environment. Paying attention to them will help us to be more alert to the presence of spirits. 



Your pet as a spirit detector

 Animals are gifted with heightened senses. Homing pigeons always find their way back home. Horses sense electrical changes through their feet and are thus able to avoid lightning strikes when out in a field. Dogs and cats sense whether there is fear in humans around them. All pets detect spirits much quicker than we do. Their instincts are more defined and praciced for sensing subtle changes in their environments. By paying attention to changes in their behavior and how they respond we can become more aware of spirits around the home as well. Read more...


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